MapTun XT‑Series Intercooler 9-3SS/SC/Vert V6 models

MapTun XT‑Series Intercooler 9-3SS/SC/Vert V6 models


The XT-Series Intercoolers are made entirely of aluminum with molded end caps that are TIG welded to the cell package, making the intercooler extremely reliable and durable. No other coating, or paint is applied to the intercooler in order to get the best possible contact with the surrounding air, and also to lead heat away as efficiently as possible.

XT-Series cell pack is thoroughly tested, and after several of tests we decided to go on a “Bar and Plate” package, this provide maximum cooling and minimum pressure drop.

XT-Series intercoolers “bolt on” making it possible to replace your stock intercooler without modifications. Also included are attachments for both the water cooler and AC condenser, if required. Please note that due to the cars nature and because this is carefully hand built intercoolers, small adjustments might be necessary.

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