eSID for ’03-’06 Saab 9-3

eSID for ’03-’06 Saab 9-3


The eSID 03-06 is the latest product in the eSID family, enhancing the Saab driving experience on Saab NG9-3 MY03-06 by collecting internal hidden car data and present it to the driver on the built-in SID (Saab Information Display) located near the windscreen. It is installed inside the instrument panel without any visual cables on the outside, see the Installation Guide for more details by clicking here.

Product Features:

  • Three-Blink when touching the turn indicator

  • Selectable Welcome Message

  • Momentary Fuel Consumption

  • Accumulated Fuel/Distance

  • Average Fuel Consumption

  • Manually controlled Wiper interval function

  • Torque/Power

  • Turbo Boost Pressure

  • Air mass

  • Drive Time

  • Engine Coolant Temperature

  • Intake Air Temperature

  • Ethanol Blend

  • Automatic Gearbox Oil Temperature

  • Acceleration Performance

  • Crank Voltage

  • Read/Clear ALL DTC’s in the entire vehicle (not only OBD)

  • Diesel Particle Filter Status

  • Automatic activation of Fog lights with Parklight/Fullbeam

  • Brake Distance and Time.

  • Metric/Imperial UK/US units


It is perfectly integrated with the vehicle and is controlled using the normal INFO-wheel and SID switches.

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